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{What to expect when you stop taking certain drugs}

Be honest

During stressful times, it's easy to justify increasing your recreational drug use. This won't make you feel better, it'll just mask how you're feeling.


Check in with others

Don't be afraid to ask for help or offer it to those in need. Withdrawal can be very unpleasant, but the support of friends and family can make the process easier.


Get clued up

It's dangerous to go 'cold-turkey' with some drugs. Read this guide and learn how to get through withdrawal safely.


Unfortunately, there are bad sides to recreational drugs. When you use a drug regularly your body can start getting used to its presence and react badly if you suddenly stop taking it. It's not the same with all recreational drugs, and some, like benzos, can cause withdrawal symptoms that are much worse than others.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic you might find that your supply has been interrupted, causing you to experience involuntary withdrawal. Read on to find out more about withdrawal and what you can do to stay safe.

This guide was created in collaboration with Nick Hickmott and his team from We Are With You.

What is it?

What is tolerance?

Alcohol withdrawal

Cannabis withdrawal

Depressant withdrawal (excl. alcohol)

Dissociative withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal

Stimulant withdrawal

Coping strategies

Harm reduction

Stay safe