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Getting Them

Set your heart on trying something? Then here's what you should know about getting drugs to ensure the maximum chance of getting what you asked for.

Plan ahead

It’s best to get your drugs ahead of time to avoid rash decisions and buying from random unknown suppliers.

Know your supplier

If you’ve never bought from them yourself, at least make sure they come recommended from someone you know. The optimum scenario is buying from a tried and tested supplier; be wary of new sources. It just means that you’re less likely to be ripped off be it quantity or quality/purity wise. This also means that you should be careful of how much you take with a new supplier as outlined in the dosing section.

If you are unsure about your supplier, always test your drugs. We are syndicated with Reagent Testing UK, who offer cheap and reliable drug testing kits for harm reduction.

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Know the product

Get an idea of what the product looks like, talk to friends, visit our page on the drug, use resources like google images so that you can make a preliminary assessment of the drug upon purchase and be able to know if you’re being sold tea instead of cannabis.

Know the price

Get a handle on current prices, again using peers and online resources so that you know vaguely what to expect. Too much drugs for too little money is just as suspicious as too little.