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Who are we?

We are a social enterprise for benefit-harm management in the context of drug use. We are a small team of scientists, writers and engineers developing content, digital tools & research to help people make healthier and safer decisions while using drugs recreationally.

What do we do?

Content: We write guides and blogs for our audience to get the information they need to stay up-to-date and stay safe when taking drugs recreationally.

Digital tools: We create innovative digital tools to help people get the information they need and help them manage the benefit and harm of drug use.

Research: We conduct our own research through our digital tools and surveys. We write reports and academic papers on our findings. We collaborate with academics on research projects.

Vision statement

Reduce the harm caused by unsustainable recreational drug use

Empower people to make safe decisions when using recreational drugs

Disrupt the current way of thinking about recreational drugs

Normalise non-judgemental conversations about recreational drug use

Facilitate enjoyable and healthy relationships with recreational drugs


Non-judgemental: we’re here to give you information that has your well-being at its core, not to pass judgement on how you choose to live your life.

Trustworthy: the unbiased information and tools we provide are almost always based on scientific evidence. Given that drug use is still taboo, this isn’t always possible, but rest assured that we’ll always let you know when this is the case.

Accessible: we want everyone to have access to drug safety advice that is user-friendly, understandable and useful in real life.

Innovative: using bespoke technology and new ways of thinking, we’re creating unique digital tools and smart devices to help you stay safe when you’re using recreational drugs or caring for someone who is.

Where is the information coming from?

In creating the content for every effort is made to use evidence-based sources. However, this is not always possible as scientists do not have all the answers. Therefore to provide comprehensive guides we must also resort to using resources that are not rigorously peer-reviewed. When this is the case, multiple sources are cross-verified to provide the most accurate possible information and the reader is notified of the anecdotal nature of the evidence.

For this reason referencing our sources is very important to us as it allows our beneficiaries to explore the evidence we present, distinguish between sources and read further.

We cannot guarantee that this will prevent any harm from drug use, nor can we be liable for any outcomes resulting from the use of illegal drugs. The information must be treated as indicative only as individuals and circumstances will differ.

The Team


Aleksey Levkovskyi

App Engineering Lead

Ivan Ezquerra-Romano

Executive Director

Ishaan Sinha

Design and Development

Beata Stručková

Community Manager

social media

Julia Lebrero Tatay

Social media content producer

content producers

Nick Gregory

Psilocybin guide writer


Karen Mamo

Maltese Translator

advisory board

Arda Özçubukçu

Business Advisor (NeuroSight)

André Belchior Gomes

Communications advisor (Release)

Paul North

Public Relations Advisor (Volteface)

Past Contributors

Lydia Lorenzo Cisneros

Instagram Account Manager (Spanish)

Dylan Hassel

Opioid Expert

Jeanne Bonnel

Graphic Designer

Luke Sanders

Logo Design

Gabriel Martinez

Graphic Designer

Julio Cesar Marcondes Da Silva Junior

Portuguese Translator

Arthur Sebag


Andres Gayoso Vélez


Meaghan Li

Web Graphic Designer

Miron Dilmanian

Researcher & Writer

Pablo Otero

Director of Drugs and Me Español

Raphael Leon

DMT Guide Writer

Manon Deschepper

French Translator

Maria Peñas Leonor

Spanish Translator

Alice Honeybul

Blog Writer

Rosalind Stone

Communications Officer

Andrew Kay

Graphic Designer

Silvia Gullone

Blog Writer

Maddie Hambury

Head of Content

Sean Kelly

Cocaine Guide Writer

Iain Harrison


Milou Van der Lans


Tarn Rodgers Johns

Social Media Manager

Gabriel Hirschbaeck


Lydia Crawshaw

Graphic Designer

Marilena Eleftheriou

Nicotine Guide Writer

Pablo Lubroth


Charles Marot

French Translator

Ant Lehane

Public Relations Advisor

Antonis Asiminas

Researcher & Writer

Cameron Scally

Content director for DoseTest

Kieron Karunyan Weatherill

Psychedelics expert

Iain Burgess

Researcher at Blossom

David Hillier

Freelance journalist

Eszter Demirkan

Researcher & Writer

Ed Prideaux

HPPD writer

Ross Webster

Benzo Research Project