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Parents! This one is for you. A guide for helping you to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol. We know it's a tricky issue, but the truth is people of all ages use them (you may have had a tipple yourself before), they are everywhere, and they are not all that inaccessible. We believe that having an open, transparent and ongoing conversation about them is the best way to keep everyone safe. Whatever your stance on drugs, it's better to keep your children informed than have them stumble into dangerous scenarios unprepared. It's not just about your own child either, if someone else is in difficulty, the right knowledge can change the outcome. Knowing how much to take, what not to mix, and what to do in emergencies are just some of the things that can save lives and reduce harm. These, alongside many other bits of useful advice, are detailed here on We hope that you enjoy this guide and that it proves useful in helping talk to your child about drugs and alcohol.

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