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Are Drugs Legal? | Drugs and Me

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Recreational drugs tend to be illegal around the world, so be careful! Their legal status can however vary widely across the world so read up on the legislation in your corner of the globe.

Alcohol was notably illegal in the early 1900s in the USA during prohibition, it is now legal there but only for people aged over 21 whereas in the UK it is legal from age 18. Cannabis is becoming legal for medical and recreational use in various regions of the world.

Learn about the fascinating role a housewife and the innocuous McDonalds stirrer spoon had in propelling the War on Drugs to even greater heights in the 1970s.

Humans have consumed drugs for millennia; this is backed up by historical evidence and it is intrinsic to our nature. The first example of drug prohibition seems to date all the way back to Islamic Sharia law but it may very well have been present even earlier than that.

Drug legislation remains very tied to political agendas, be they economic, religious or other. Scientific evidence for reform of drug policy is nonetheless slowly being listened to and the failure of the war on drugs is coming to light leading to progressive legislation being tried out. Each country has individual historical, social and political reasons behind their current policies and these will most certainly remain ingrained in people minds for the foreseeable future and embed themselves into all major decisions made on these fronts.

Drugs and me endeavours to be a proponent for change but our real mission here is to encourage harm reduction. Providing reliable, verified and concise information on drugs to promote healthy use. We’d love to see legislation change to provide correct help for people in situations of substance abuse but in the meantime we’re here to do our best to help you avoid that.

We always encourage you to read on further and here is no different, this is an issue where there is no right or wrong answer and we really want you to form your own opinion on this matter and contribute to the debate. Check the links below for more information on drug legislation and its history and definitely have a check of our friends over at Volteface.

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