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We provide a wide range of professional services centred around education for alcohol and other drugs. All our interventions are tailor-made to suit the needs of your organisation and/or beneficiaries. The length and format can be adapted to your requirements, from small groups to larger audiences, short sessions to full days of training.
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We offer:

  • Educational content reviewing
  • Informative talks on alcohol and other drugs, harm reduction, substance misuse and addiction, and more
  • School workshops to complement PSHE alcohol and other drugs education
  • Staff training for organisations
  • Comprehensive consultation services for organisations through our sister brand Neurosight.

If you are unsure of your needs we can help you figure this out as well! We have experience working within the education sector, with schools and universities, as well as private organisations and governmental bodies.

Consultation services

We can offer in-depth consultation services for your organisation to help understand the needs of your workforce or beneficiaries and suggest a range of appropriate interventions which we can deliver. Find out more at Neurosight.


We can review educational content about alcohol and other drugs to help ensure that it is correctly targeted, accurate, sensitive, and covers the right topics in the right way.

“It was great working with Drugs And Me on a series of PSHE books we commissioned, covering Key Stages 3 and 4. They came armed with bags of knowledge, provided brilliant insights, useful advice and development, and lots of great signposting for our Drug Education chapters – and the resources are much the better for their input” – Chris Roche, Commissioning Editor

Workshops and training

We can design and facilitate bespoke workshops for a wide range of audiences across the UK. Our messages are clear and evidence-based, designed to help our trained facilitators engage your audience. We specialise in the education sector but can deliver these interventions for any organisation that is worried about the wellbeing of their workforce or beneficiaries.

Paul North provides input on all of our interventions. He has worked in drug treatment services and lectured at universities on drugs and addiction for over ten years and currently works for Volteface, a leading drug policy think tank.

"We noticed that, at university, it was almost weirder to talk about drugs than to take them – people were more worried about being legally safe than staying physically safe." -

Talks and events

We can host events and deliver talks. Check our Eventbrite page for more information and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with upcoming events.

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