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Summer 2020 objectives

  • Covering 15 drugs and having 15 Me pages by summer 2020
  • Be active on social media and run campaigns
  • Do physical outreach at festivals, clubs, and conferences

Right now we have 8 “Drugs” guides and 7 “Me” sections, covering a variety of drugs and topics surrounding the use of drugs, plus a chatbot: SafeLu. But there’s so much more out there for us to cover. We’ve set ourselves the goal of covering at least 15 “Drugs” and 15 “Me” topics. Each guide takes 80 to 100 hours to produce. Crazy isn’t it? But that’s the time it takes to make a guide based on the best evidence available, cross-referencing as many sources as possible; there’s a reason not many take this approach.

Social media is an invaluable tool which can help us reach more people with our message. We’ve got a modest following, but we can do better; we want to double our followers on social media and also the number of visits we receive on Drugs and Me as a follow up target. Don’t forget to like and follow us on facebook, twitter and, instagram and share us with your friends!

Drugs and Me started as a website, but we won’t stop there. We want to go out and engage with our audience by doing outreach work at at least four events such as festivals, clubs, and conferences. Your contribution will help pay for harm reduction materials for these.

So how will your donation help us achieve these goals? We need to hire a full-time employee to properly drive these goals every day, coordinating the efforts of our volunteers, and doing things like maintaining our online presence and running campaigns. We also need funds to pay for certain expenses, such as website hosting, and to invest in new things, like educational leaflets to give out at festivals.

Please donate today, or become a patron if you’d like to make a recurring donation. If you’d like to know more please send us an email to

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