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About the project and the team

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Who are we?

We are a social enterprise that provides services centered around drug harm reduction, as part of an upcoming network of mental health tools brought to you by the Mental Health Education Foundation. This ranges from education, such as the drugsand.me website, workshops and lectures, to research, consultancy and advocacy.

The drugsand.me website was our starting point, inspired by the increasing number of deaths that occur in the UK and USA due to lack of correct drug education.

We do not promote drug use, but we do encourage safety for those thinking of taking any kind of drug, legal or illegal.

"People will always use drugs. They always have used drugs. We must learn to live with this fact."

Dr Carl Hart

The team


Arthur SebagDirector of Drugs and Me
Image from iOS.jpg
Maddie HamburyHead of Content
pablo otero.png
Pablo OteroDirector of Drugs and Me Español
Ivan Ezquerra RomanoExecutive Director
Arda ÖzçubukçuBusiness development executive

Advisory Board

Prof. David NuttScientific Advisor
Paul north.jpg
Paul NorthPublic Relations Advisor

Content producers

Dylan HasselOpioid expert
Raphael LeonDMT/ayahuasca expert
Jeanne Bonnel.jpg
Jeanne BonnelGraphic designer
Julia Lebrero TatayKratom guide writer


Julio Cesar.png
Julio Cesar Marcondes Da Silva JuniorPortuguese translator
Charles Marot.png
Charles MarotFrench translator
Manon DeschepperFrench translator
Karen MamoMaltese translator

Spanish translator

Maria Peñas LeonorMaria Peñas Leonor

Web development

Amir JabariFull-stack developer
Ishaan - Photo.jpg
Ishaan SinhaFull-stack developer

Social media

Julia Lebrero TatayEnglish social media
Lydia Lorenzo CisnerosSpanish Instagram account manager


jon urquidi.jpg
Jon Urquidi FerreiraEvent facilitator
Dara VakiliProduct developer

Past contributors

  • Luke Sanders (logo design)
  • Sean Kelly (Cocaine guide)
  • Meaghan Li (web design)
  • Miranda Heneghan (Ketamine guide)
  • Rosalind Stone
  • Iain Harrison (Marketing)
  • Milou Van der Lans
  • Gabriel Martínez (Logos design)
  • Andrew Kay (Logos design)
  • Lydia Crawshaw (Logo design)
  • Tarn Rodgers Johns (Social media)
  • Silvia Gullone (Blog writer)
  • Gabriel Hirschbaeck (co-founder)
  • Marilena Eleftheriou (Nicotine guide)
  • Pablo Lubroth (co-founder)

What do we do?

Our website provides accessible, objective and comprehensive guides to help reduce the short and long term harms of drugs.

As a social enterprise, we deliver workshops and lectures for to a variety of audiences which can supplement Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education in schools, work with psychological and wellbeing services at universities and even help you with your family at home.

We also carry out research and consultancy services. One of our projects culminated in the creation of a report on drug use for the student psychological services at University College London using data collected from our research (875.2 KB) .

Where is this information coming from?

In creating the content for drugsand.me every effort is made to use evidence-based sources. However, this is not always possible as scientists do not have all the answers. Therefore to provide comprehensive guides we must also resort to using resources that are not rigorously peer-reviewed. When this is the case, multiple sources are cross-verified to provide the most accurate possible information and the reader is notified of the anecdotal nature of the evidence.

For this reason referencing our sources is very important to us as it allows our beneficiaries to explore the evidence we present, distinguish between sources and read further.

We cannot guarantee that this will prevent any harm from drug use, nor can we be liable for any outcomes resulting from the use of illegal drugs. The information must be treated as indicative only as individuals and circumstances will differ.

What we can tell you is that being knowledgeable on drugs has been shown to directly diminish their allure and thus likely the risk of developing substance abuse (Gut et al, 2015, Kirk and Montague, 2015).

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