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First thing

If you’re taking modafinil for studying, do it first thing in the morning! The effects last for a long time and will stop you from sleeping.


Take breaks

Take breaks (really!), Drink lots of water and eat small meals frequently throughout the day.



Modafinil will not stop you from needing sleep; though it may stop you from feeling tired, sleep deprivation will catch up.


Modafinil is a long-lasting prescription and one of a number of cognition enhancing drugs called 'nootropics'. It was originally developed to treat narcolepsy (a condition where people fall asleep uncontrollably). Since then, it has been used by everyone from pilots, surgeons, truck drivers, and the military to enhance their focus and maintain alertness during sleep deprivation. Now, students and academics are the latest wave of people to make use of this drug to boost productivity and maintain their competitive edge. Despite much of the publicity however, this drug does have a number of limitations; though it will rid you of tiredness while increasing your desire and ability to work, there are studies indicating that modafinil significantly limits creative thinking.



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