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{Nexus, Bees, Venus, Bromo mescaline}

Set and setting

Aim to have 2-CB in a controlled, familiar and relaxed environment with trusted companions.


Dose carefully

Taking a dose higher than 50mg can cause bodily discomfort, nausea and hyperthermia and an all around unpleasant experience.


Avoid mixing

Avoid mixing if possible and check the interactions section below if you do as 2-CB can have have dangerous interactions with other drugs.


2C-B is a psychedelic drug similar to mescaline. It was first synthesised by Alex Shulgin in 1974 and is considered to have effects that lie somewhere between that of LSD and MDMA2.

2C-B commonly comes in the form of a pill or a powder (pills are usually white but can be any colour) and is often sold as ecstasy in the underground rave scene, despite being a very distinct substance with markedly different effects at higher doses.

At lower doses, the experience can in fact be similar to ecstasy, with feelings of empathy, euphoria, and a greater appreciation for music. Yet, at higher doses, closed and even open-eye visuals can be present as well as spiritual insights and a “softening” of the ego 3.




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