Drugs and me

Drugsand.me is an educational website that teaches about the existing harm reduction methods for drug users. We do not promote drug use, but we do encourage to be safe if you are thinking of taking any kind of drug. This website was inspired by the thousands of deaths that occur in the UK due to lack of correct drug education. Read more about us.

Although we have done thorough research to find this information, you should not count solely on this site and do your own research. As with everything, you shouldn't trust the first source you bump into. We have a bibliography that we encourage you to read.

The drugs below are the most common recreational drugs consumed in the UK, however, we will keep updating the site and adding information of more drugs.

Drugs we cover


Buds, ganja, weed, skunk, marijuana, kush, Mary Jane, grass, pot, dank, chronic, resin, hash.


Booze, wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, long drinks.


Coke, snow, speedball, dust, white, nose candy, flake.


Ecstasy, molly, mandy, X, E, XTC.

Harm Reduction: Why should you care?

  • Lowers the risk of long-term damage to your body.
  • Helps you avoid accidental overdoses and poisonings.
  • Decreases the chance of having an unpleasant experience during and after consuming a drug.
  • Most importantly: you have control over what and how much you are taking.